10th anniversary of KONKRET

2007 year is a 10th anniversary of established our company. Good prospering of the company, strong position on the market and the fact that we made KONKRET reliable company in opinion of our customers let us to celebrate the jubilee with proud and satisfaction. After this 10 year we honestly can say that we made real our first aims. We strengthen our position, we won regular customers and we established good cooperation with fruit and vegetables exporting companies to west market inter alia to Denmark, Sweden, and England and also to east market. 
We realize that for continuous progress of the company indispensable factor is new and new investment. Therefore we are planning to make wider range of our service and exploring successive markets.
Experience and reputation which we have gotten during this 10 years make KONKRET a premium and creditable company.
Thru using good logistic and organizational solutions during whole history of the company we aim for becoming and keeping solid and professional wholesale, which are a lieder in selling fruit and vegetables in the country and abroad in opinion of the customers
We would like to thank everybody because of who we achieved so much.
We also would like to assure that rely on our previous experience we are going to continue with even bigger consequence and perseverance process of development KONKRET.
We thank our customers and suppliers. 10 years of existing of the company is a result our great partnership cooperation with contractors which we definitely would like to continue.


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